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If you are a Mac owner and a serious *NIX user, you’re probably aware of Homebrew.
I have a few of my favorite tools installed with brew and I like to keep my “Cellar” clean and up-to-date. Here’s my commonly used commands and my typical workflow.
Never forget about man’s best friend – “man”. Use man to get the list of commands and options that can be used with brew:

To list software you currently have installed with version numbers, use:

To see just the software, which is not a dependency of another:

To keep the Homebrew itself up-to-date, and fetch the newest version from GitHub:

After updating the brew, check which formulae have an updated version available, display detailed version information to see if you have more than one older version laying around:

See any app that you no longer need and want to get rid of them? Check the dependencies for all installed formulae:

For even more detailed picture, show the dependencies for all installed formulae as a tree:

As a final precaution before removing a formula, see what other installed formulae use it as a dependency:

Uninstall formulae and all their older versions:

Upgrade remaining formulae:

Show what will be removed by cleanup command, but do not actually remove anything:

Clean the “Cellar” removing any older versions of installed formulae and clearing old downloads from the Homebrew download-cache. Additionally, scrub the cache, removing downloads for even the latest versions of formula, which are downloaded, but not installed: